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Gothenburg, 9 December 2017

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The Future of Food
10 am – 5 pm (CET) 9 December, 2016    

Thank you for joining the Dialogue!

A big thank you to all Nobel Laureates, visitors and experts for joining this year’s Nobel Week Dialogue on The Future of Food, December 9. It was much food for thought concentrated in one day. Luckily enough, you can watch it again and continue the dialogue about ”Your plate – Our Planet”.

Here is a Youtube playlist of the various sessions, on questions such as ”Why do we eat what we eat?” and ”How can we eat more sustainably?”. You can also watch six Laureates explore the flavour of creativity, and see artist Patti Smith engage in a discussion on the importance of role-models together with Economics Laureate Angus Deaton.


See you in Gothenburg December 9, 2017, on the next Nobel Week Dialogue!