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Gothenburg, December 9 2015

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  • Does our developing relationship with technology change our brains?

  • How well do we understand the basis of human intelligence?

  • When will artificial intelligence exceed human intelligence?

  • Are fears of superintelligent systems justified?

  • What are the economic consequences of increasingly intelligent systems?

  • Who will benefit and who will lose out?

  • What is the link between technology, education and inequality?

  • What role will creativity have in the future?

  • What will humans do when robots take over even more of our roles?

  • How can society best prepare for the changes ahead?

  • What should we learn in the future?

  • How will learning change in the decades ahead?

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What an inspiring day of dialogue, curious questions and new insights on The Future of Intelligence. Thank you to everyone who made it a fantastic by engaging on location in Gothenburg as well as worldwide in digital channels.

Videos of all sessions: Nobel Prize Youtube channel (link to playlist).

The next Nobel Week Dialogue – celebrating 5 years (!) – will take place in Stockholm on December 9, 2016. Watch this space for updates on the topic, featured speakers and how to take part.