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Gothenburg, December 9 2015

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  • Does our developing relationship with technology change our brains?

  • How well do we understand the basis of human intelligence?

  • When will artificial intelligence exceed human intelligence?

  • Are fears of superintelligent systems justified?

  • What are the economic consequences of increasingly intelligent systems?

  • Who will benefit and who will lose out?

  • What is the link between technology, education and inequality?

  • What role will creativity have in the future?

  • What will humans do when robots take over even more of our roles?

  • How can society best prepare for the changes ahead?

  • What should we learn in the future?

  • How will learning change in the decades ahead?

Thank you for a great #NobelDialogue!

What an inspiring day of dialogue, curious questions and new insights on The Future of Intelligence. Thank you everyone who engaged in Nobel Week Dialogue on December 9 in Gothenburg, and turned it into a fantastic day – both on location as well as in digital channels.

Selected clips of the event will be available on demand later. Swedish broadcaster Utbildningsradion (UR) will also air the event. The Dialogue continues on #NobelDialogue and on Facebook.com/NobelPrize.