9th December 2013

Exploring the Future of Energy

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Agriculture for energy supply?

When I personally first became aware about biofuels in the 1980s I thought this is a great idea. Humans know how to raise plants since millennia. The pioneers in this field were small companies, who together with certain farmers did their creative experiments. At this time the first farmers started to drive with their own […]

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From NWD12: Genetics in Agriculture and the Environment

The afternoon stream was a panel session moderated by Matt Ridley, with panellists Dominic Barton, Torbjörn Fagerström, Louise Fresco, Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and Tikki Pang (Pangestu). We began with two audience polls, a show of hands proposed by Ridley: how many people are in favour of GM foods? An overall majority in favour. Louise Fresco suggested […]

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Louise Fresco, the Idealist – A short Q&A

Fiction is the best way for Louise O. Fresco to explore issues having to do with such things as social responsibility or the dilemmas of choice. Engaging in sustainable development in an international context, Fresco will take part at discussions about ‘Genetics in Agriculture and the Environment’ during the Nobel Week Dialogue (2A). She kindly […]

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DNA and society, decoding and dialogue

I have been an active research scientist in bacterial genetics for over a decade, and a science blogger for about four years, with much of my research and writing focusing on various aspects of the lifestyles (and DNA) of bacteria. Yet in all the many hours I’ve devoted to staring at Gs, As, Ts and […]

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