9th December 2013

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From NWD12: Getting rigorous about genes vs. the environment

The afternoon sessions at the Nobel Week Dialog covered a lot of ground, which was inevitable if you put six extremely smart people on the stage, give them a topic, and set them loose. Although there’s no way to possibly summarize the full conversation, it is possible to pull out some important themes that the […]

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John Dupré – The potential of genetic discrimination

There is a certain hot topic, when it comes to genetic testing and finding: The potential for genetic discrimination. The ideal person to give some answers on this is John Dupré, who focuses as a philosopher of science in genomics in society. Dupré will take part at two panel discussions at the Nobel Week Dialogue. […]

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Vad är epigenetik?

”Det sitter i generna” brukar man säga, men är det generna som styr? Det beror på vad man menar med ”gener” och vad man menar med ”styr”. 1984 gjordes en upptäckt som öppnade dörren till en ny och mer komplex bild av hur organismer gör sig själva, en upptäckt som fördröjts av ett självmord 58 […]

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