9th December 2013

Exploring the Future of Energy

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“Ich probiere”: Revisiting Abraham Flexner’s dream of the useful pursuit of useless knowledge.

The most succinct encapsulation of the value of curiosity to practical pursuits came from Michael Faraday; when asked by William Gladstone, Chancellor of the Exchequer, about the utility of electricity, Faraday is purported to have replied, “One day, sir, you may tax it”. Whether apocryphal or not, the remark accurately captures the far-reaching, often universal […]

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Nobel Week Dialogue: Intro

Ekologistas skribent Oskar Englund är också på plats på Nobel Week Dialogue. Här är Oskars sammanfattning av förmiddagen på NWD: På plats på Nobel Week Dialogue för att hjälpa de officiella bloggarna Andreas och Henric. Jag får väl anses vara någon form av semi-officiell sådan, vilket dock inte genererar en flashig namnbricka eller tillträde till VIP-ingångarna. […]

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The Final Countdown

We’ve made it to Gothenburg! And I’m about to crawl into bed after a long day, BUT, I wanted to give the readers of the #NWD13 blog a flavour of what was going on at the venue in preparation for the big day tomorrow. I should say that our arrival was not entirely without drama. […]

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Something wicked this way comes…

If you’re anything like me, pondering how we find workable solutions to complex issues can often result in feeling deflated, or worse, defeated. Big challenges such as tackling climate change or designing healthcare policies for new pandemics require policy makers to juggle seemingly impossible combinations of multiple factors. What’s the current state of our scientific […]

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Going online to get out of the air

The programme for this year’s Nobel Week Dialogue is certainly looking packed! In addition to the morning plenary sessions and the parallel discussion strands taking place in the afternoon, the lunch break includes opportunities for even more conversations.  Zooming out a little from the main focus on the future of energy is a panel on […]

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Special science communication formats

It sounds tempting. Two Nobel Laureates slip into the roles of Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg and represent them in Michael Frayn’s successful play “Copenhagen”. This was the idea of Nancy Kawalek, Professor in the Arts, Sciences and Technology at the University of Chicago and an actor by profession. And she realized it. Nancy got […]

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En ljusare framtid

Alldeles för ofta får jag en bild av framtiden som att den endast har två tänkbara förlopp – antingen klarar vi ett specifikt mål (vilket som helst) som vi har satt upp eller så klarar vi det inte. Som att det vore svart eller vitt, antingen eller. Men så är det ju egentligen inte. Framtiden […]

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Future of Nuclear Energy after the Fukushima Incident – Michael Banks

With this short Q&A series we introduce the official NWD13 English blog team. Name? Michael Banks What is your scientific background? I have a degree in physics (BSc Hons) from Loughborough University in the UK and a PhD in condensed-matter physics, which I did at the Max Planck Institute for Solid-State Research in Stuttgart, Germany. […]

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Biofuels in Copious Amounts – Ash Jogalekar

With this short Q&A series we introduce the official NWD13 English blog team. Name?  Ash Jogalekar   What is your scientific background? I have a doctorate in organic and computational chemistry and currently work as a computational chemist in the biotech/pharmaceutical industry. I also have a longstanding background and interest in the history and philosophy […]

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The Process of Scientific Discovery – Lou Woodley

With this short Q&A series we introduce the official NWD13 English blog team. Name? Lou Woodley What is your scientific background? I studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, specialising in Biochemistry via other biological sciences, including Experimental Psychology and Physiology. I then completed an MPhil in alternative splicing at the EMBL in Heidelberg and the […]

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