9th December 2013

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From NWD12: Getting rigorous about genes vs. the environment

The afternoon sessions at the Nobel Week Dialog covered a lot of ground, which was inevitable if you put six extremely smart people on the stage, give them a topic, and set them loose. Although there’s no way to possibly summarize the full conversation, it is possible to pull out some important themes that the […]

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From NWD12: Genetics in Agriculture and the Environment

The afternoon stream was a panel session moderated by Matt Ridley, with panellists Dominic Barton, Torbjörn Fagerström, Louise Fresco, Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and Tikki Pang (Pangestu). We began with two audience polls, a show of hands proposed by Ridley: how many people are in favour of GM foods? An overall majority in favour. Louise Fresco suggested […]

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From NWD12: Arv och miljö – en paneldebatt

Det är kul att sitta och lyssna på en paneldebatt när det hettar till. ”Termen epigenetik används för strunt”, säger den alltid lika kontroversielle James D. Watson, ” många som använder den vet inte vad de talar om. Redan för 50 år sedan visste vi att miljön påverkar gener, men att börja prata om Lamarckism […]

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From NWD12: Will the genomic revolution produce a second Renaissance?

Given the number of famous scientists around, it’s easy to forget that the full title of the Nobel Week Dialog includes the phrase “impact on society.” But Helga Nowotny, the President of the European Research Council, was on hand to provide a remedy. Nowotny is a social scientist, and she spends a lot of time […]

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From NWD12: Future of human biology? Fundamental science

There was a strong focus on the continued need for fundamental science during this afternoon’s session, Human Biology: The Great Deal We Don’t Know and How to Discover It. The worry about reduced funding for fundamental research was evident during each speakers input to the conversation on the future of research on human biology. Taking […]

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From NWD12: Do we understand gene-environment interactions?

Gene-environment interactions was a hot topic during the first part of Stream A in the panel discussion on The Promised Land of Genomic Medicine: Where Can the Science Take Us? The moderator, Göran Hansson, posed the question: How far are we from understanding these interactions? Eric Lander raised a really interesting point that the general […]

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From NWD12: Svante Pääbo pratade om din historia

Vi är en afrikansk art. Det finns mest genetisk variation hos dagens människor i Afrika och delar av den variationen finns bara där. Grupper av människor började ta sig ut från Afrika för ungefär 100 000 år sedan. Men fundera ett tag på det här: när människan spred sig över världen fanns det fler arter […]

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From NWD12: An interview with Watson and Crick by Horace Judson

The historian and journalist Horace Freeland Judson who died last year will remain a man envied by many. His book “The Eighth Day of Creation” stands as the definitive history of molecular biology, and it’s unlikely to ever be surpassed. But the volume is not just comprehensive history; it provides a wholly unique window into […]

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Nowotny – Horizon 1620 and Beyond

Helga Nowotny spoke at almost every conference I have attended in the past few months: ESOF in Dublin (July), Falling Walls in Berlin (November) and now the Nobel Week Dialogue. So third time around, what message does the President of the European Research Council have to tell us? Nowotny compared the new EU funding strategy, […]

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Eric Lander och genomet

Hur ska man berätta om ärftlighet? Eric Lander  pratade om den fantastiska utveckling som genetiken gått igenom de senaste femtio åren efter upptäckten av dnaspiralens struktur. Det fick mig att börja tänka på hur dagens kunskap om ärftlighet gör att vi kan vända på perspektiven. Så vad vet vi idag? Vi vet att projektet att […]

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