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The Age to Come - 9 December 2014, Stockholm

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A detailed programme will be published 23 September 2014.


The science of ageing
For how long can we live?

Extending health span
How can technology support us when dealing with age?

Work, work, work
For how long should we work, and how will welfare systems adapt as longevity increases and birth rates decline?

The economics of ageing
What implications does the change in demographics have for economic growth in different parts of the world?

The future of disease
Can biomedical research adapt to the changing burden of disease?

Attending Nobel Laureates:

Elizabeth Blackburn (Medicine 2009)
The connection between stress and ageing

Aaron Ciechanover (Chemistry 2004)
On proteasome – the cell’s waste disposer

Eric Kandel (Medicine 2000)
The formation of short and long-term memory

Eric Maskin (Economic Sciences 2007)
Mechanism design theory

Daniel McFadden (Economic Sciences 2000)
Consumer choice in healthcare services

Craig Mello (Medicine 2006)
Gene silencing by double-stranded RNR


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