9th December 2013

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From NWD12: Getting rigorous about genes vs. the environment

The afternoon sessions at the Nobel Week Dialog covered a lot of ground, which was inevitable if you put six extremely smart people on the stage, give them a topic, and set them loose. Although there’s no way to possibly summarize the full conversation, it is possible to pull out some important themes that the […]

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From NWD12: Do we understand gene-environment interactions?

Gene-environment interactions was a hot topic during the first part of Stream A in the panel discussion on The Promised Land of Genomic Medicine: Where Can the Science Take Us? The moderator, Göran Hansson, posed the question: How far are we from understanding these interactions? Eric Lander raised a really interesting point that the general […]

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Louise Fresco, the Idealist – A short Q&A

Fiction is the best way for Louise O. Fresco to explore issues having to do with such things as social responsibility or the dilemmas of choice. Engaging in sustainable development in an international context, Fresco will take part at discussions about ‘Genetics in Agriculture and the Environment’ during the Nobel Week Dialogue (2A). She kindly […]

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DNA and society, decoding and dialogue

I have been an active research scientist in bacterial genetics for over a decade, and a science blogger for about four years, with much of my research and writing focusing on various aspects of the lifestyles (and DNA) of bacteria. Yet in all the many hours I’ve devoted to staring at Gs, As, Ts and […]

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