9th December 2013

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From NWD12: Will the genomic revolution produce a second Renaissance?

Given the number of famous scientists around, it’s easy to forget that the full title of the Nobel Week Dialog includes the phrase “impact on society.” But Helga Nowotny, the President of the European Research Council, was on hand to provide a remedy. Nowotny is a social scientist, and she spends a lot of time […]

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Nowotny – Horizon 1620 and Beyond

Helga Nowotny spoke at almost every conference I have attended in the past few months: ESOF in Dublin (July), Falling Walls in Berlin (November) and now the Nobel Week Dialogue. So third time around, what message does the President of the European Research Council have to tell us? Nowotny compared the new EU funding strategy, […]

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Eric Lander: how biology entered the information age

Eric Lander was one of the leaders of the effort to sequence the human genome, and has continued to work on various follow on projects through his involvement with the Broad Institute, a leading sequencing center. So, he makes an excellent choice to provide some perspective about how the growing availability of genomes has driven […]

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What drives an interest in science and genetics?

It is amazing to be invited to blog at the Nobel Week Dialogue this weekend. I have always been interested in science. As a young teenager I had an aviary and kept a detailed account of the bird’s family trees and feather colour, beginning my interest in inheritance and genetics! Fascination wasn’t the only driver behind my path […]

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