9th December 2013

Exploring the Future of Energy

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DNA and society, decoding and dialogue

I have been an active research scientist in bacterial genetics for over a decade, and a science blogger for about four years, with much of my research and writing focusing on various aspects of the lifestyles (and DNA) of bacteria. Yet in all the many hours I’ve devoted to staring at Gs, As, Ts and […]

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What drives an interest in science and genetics?

It is amazing to be invited to blog at the Nobel Week Dialogue this weekend. I have always been interested in science. As a young teenager I had an aviary and kept a detailed account of the bird’s family trees and feather colour, beginning my interest in inheritance and genetics! Fascination wasn’t the only driver behind my path […]

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The Third Age of Molecular Biology

The old Chinese saying exhorted us to live in “interesting times”. Since Darwin finished his great work in 1859, no other time has been as interesting for biology’s relevance to humanity as the current landscape in molecular biology and medicine. We like to think that the golden age of biology passed with the discovery of […]

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