9th December 2013

Exploring the Future of Energy

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Discussing energy

I am now in Sweden, ready for the day-long events for the Nobel Week Dialogue, which starts today at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre in Gothenburg. Apparently, and if you believe Wikipedia, Gothenburg is not only famous for being home to Volvo, but is also where Crazy frog comes form — the 3D animated […]

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From NWD12: Helga Nowotny on the promise of science

Nowotny asks what does a social scientist do in the land of genomic promise? The promise (or contract) that binds science and scientists together is the expectation that the public have from scientists, and the scientists aspiration to produce something useful. The pursuit was one of laws, the laws of natural philosophy, but with the […]

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From NWD12: An interview with Watson and Crick by Horace Judson

The historian and journalist Horace Freeland Judson who died last year will remain a man envied by many. His book “The Eighth Day of Creation” stands as the definitive history of molecular biology, and it’s unlikely to ever be surpassed. But the volume is not just comprehensive history; it provides a wholly unique window into […]

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Nowotny – Horizon 1620 and Beyond

Helga Nowotny spoke at almost every conference I have attended in the past few months: ESOF in Dublin (July), Falling Walls in Berlin (November) and now the Nobel Week Dialogue. So third time around, what message does the President of the European Research Council have to tell us? Nowotny compared the new EU funding strategy, […]

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The Secret of Life

Asking for our “sympathy and support”, Eric Lander attemped to summarize the past and future of the genetic era. Since there are five turns of the double helix, he broke this down into five parts. The first of these was ‘The Secret of Life” which was the start of the 20th century until 1953 according to […]

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Kerstin Lindblad-Toh – The value of comparative genomics

An important means by which we try to understand the human genome is, oddly enough, by looking at the genomes of other mammals. The aim is to identify areas of evolutionary constraint, regions of the genome that we all share (both coding and non-coding) and are thus likely to be important for all of these species. […]

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Louise Fresco, the Idealist – A short Q&A

Fiction is the best way for Louise O. Fresco to explore issues having to do with such things as social responsibility or the dilemmas of choice. Engaging in sustainable development in an international context, Fresco will take part at discussions about ‘Genetics in Agriculture and the Environment’ during the Nobel Week Dialogue (2A). She kindly […]

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This is the start of an annual event

Adam Smith, Editorial Director at Nobel Media,  is very busy these days, during the Nobel Week. But nevertheless he took the time for this short interview, to give me some background informations about this new event, the Nobel week Dialogue. The good news first. This is not a nine day wonder. Q: Since 2006 you […]

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How they did it

Somehow it all boils down to 1953, the year of the double helix. And it’s still worth contemplating how it all happened. Science is often perceived as either a series of dazzling insights or as a marathon. Much of the public recognition of science acknowledges this division; Nobel Prizes for instance are often awarded either […]

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DNA and society, decoding and dialogue

I have been an active research scientist in bacterial genetics for over a decade, and a science blogger for about four years, with much of my research and writing focusing on various aspects of the lifestyles (and DNA) of bacteria. Yet in all the many hours I’ve devoted to staring at Gs, As, Ts and […]

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